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Useful Links
Search listings on the San Francisco multiple listing service:

Map of the San Francisco real estate districts:

Sirkin & Associates' website has comprehensive and up-to-date information on a wealth of topics, including tenancy-in-common ownership, condominium
conversion, DRE Public Reports and basics about home buying in San Francisco:

Online real estate evaluation service:

"General Information For Buyers and Sellers of Residential Real Property in the City and County of San Francisco," issued by the San Francisco Association of Realtors: Download PDF

Look up your property tax bill online:

Obtain parcel information, including APN number:

Department of Building Inspection, including information on over-the-counter permitting process:

San Francisco Rent Board:

Find out more about your local district Supervisor:

Landlord Resources:

The San Francisco Apartment Association:

Small Property Owners of San Francisco Institute: